Life Groups


Joy-filled Communities of Faith

Vintage Grace is a church made up of life groups, not a church with a life group ministry.  As we seek to build joy-filled communities (future church plants) we must first become a joy-filled community ourself which is made up of many mini joy-filled communities consisting of joy-filled individuals.  As a result, we have a very detailed and intentional Life Group structure and expectations:

Life Group Values
1. Genuine spiritual life (authentic faith in God) produces ongoing spiritual transformation.
2. God uses human relationships as the primary means of stimulating spiritual life and transformation.

Life Group Vision
To have every adult member of Vintage Grace gladly commit to sharing their life with a small group of believers (Life Group) in order to increase the joy we all experience in God.

Life Group Characteristics
Description: A small group of believers (8-16) who gladly commit to meeting together (once a week for a 10-12 week session) to encourage one another’s ongoing spiritual transformation.

Life Group’s Focus
Study of Scripture
Building of Relationships (Community)

Authentic Interaction
Loving Acceptance
Compelling Connection
Evangelistic Influence
Irresistible Experience


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